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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Top 5 Tips To Drive Traffic to Your Blog - Seo Tips

Top 10 Tips To Drive Traffic From Forums To Your Blog !!!

1. You Should Have To Active On The Forum..

If you Want To Get Traffic From Discussion Forums You Should Be Active There And Publish Something At Least A 5-10 Posts in a Day.. The More Active u Are, Then You'll Get more Traffic..

2. Use Your Blog Links in Your Signature..

If you Have Your Blog Links In Your Signature.. Then You'll Get More Traffic From That Forum..Remember you Should'nt Use Your Blog Links in Blackhat Forums (You Will Be Banned Permanantly By Adsense).

3. Start New Threads or Topics..

You Should Have To Start New Topics In To The Forum in which you have joined.If You Starts A new Thread It receives more traffic for your blog. because a new topic makes your blog more visible..

4. Use Old Thread..

Old Threads can contain 20-30 replies and more.. when you comment on old thread all of the Posters to this thread will be notified that there's a new message to the thread or in unread replies.. And the thread will jump top of the lists, and then more people will see it and your chances will be increase to get more traffics on your site..

5. Use Custome Title As ur Blog Link.

If you Are member of forum than there is option available which is custom title use it for your blog to drive more traffic.. custom title easily viewable on your every posts.

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