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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

TuneUp Utilities 2013

TuneUp Utilities 2013 Latest News

--This September2012, get ready for something bigger: the new TuneUpUtilities™ 2013..Whats more,, this release marks the introduction of TuneUpBrowser Cleaner.. It gets rid of temporary internet files and traces caused by popular browsers such as Internet Explorer,, Chrome,, and Firefox, Safari.. That means full control over your privacy and fewer browser crashes.. With over 3o additi0nal t00ls TuneUpUtilities™ 2013 guarantees that unforgettable feeling of -“Wow, my PC runs like new!!” Take advantage of this exclusive offer available to our loyal customers...

-Highlights of 2013:-

-The New TuneUp DiskCleaner and Browser Cleaner

-The new TuneUp BrowserCleaner and Disk Cleaner wipe data junk of programs and Windows features you use most.

*TuneUp Disk Cleaner
*Clean up program residue:

-All your favorite programs leave traces caused by daily use,,
-clogging up your hard disk with cache files,log files,historyfiles, and redundant crash reports.
-Over time, -this can lead to a full hard disk or even system crashes.. 
-TuneUp Disk Cleaner now cleans up over 150 programs such as Microsoft Office Adobe Reader and Skype..

*Cleanup Windows
-Destroy Windows data trash:

*TuneUp Browser Cleaner
*Delete browser traces:

There Are Many More Features In Tuneup 2013... Its a Short Description of TuneUp 2013.

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